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Improved Performance


This is an exclusive solution offered by IUCHIP. No Reset chips can help you to reach the best performace of your imaging units... Learn more

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Ineo +35
Ineo +35P

Prices without
VAT/ Shipping

ineo p25

mf3000 k14.00 €

Ref.: C35-IU-B-NR Europe
Ref.: C35-IU-B-NR-AM America
Chip IU Black No Reset

KM   C25/25P/35/35P
DEV +25/25P/35/35P


mf3000 c14.00 €

Ref.: C35-IU-C-NR Europe
Ref.: C35-IU-C-NR-AM America
Chip IU Cyan No Reset

KM   C25/25P/35/35P
DEV +25/25P/35/35P

mf3000 m14.00 €

Ref.: C35-IU-M-NR Europe
Ref.: C35-IU-M-NR-AM America
Chip IU Magenta No Reset

KM   C25/25P/35/35P
DEV +25/25P/35/35P


mf3000 y14.00 €

Ref.: C35-IU-Y-NR Europe
Ref.: C35-IU-Y-NR-AM America
Chip IU Yellow No Reset

KM   C25/25P/35/35P
DEV +25/25P/35/35P

           mf3000 set
50.00 €  


Ref.: C35-IU-NR-SET Europe
Ref.: C35-IU-NR-AM-SET America
Chip SET IU CMYK No Reset

KM   C25/25P/35/35P
DEV +25/25P/35/35P

c203 k12.00 €

Ref.: C35-IU-B Europe
Ref.: C35-IU-B-AM America
Chip IU Black

KM   C25/25P/35/35P
DEV +25/25P/35/35P


c203 c12.00 €

Ref.: C35-IU-C Europe
Ref.: C35-IU-C-AM America
Chip IU Cyan

KM   C25/25P/35/35P
DEV +25/25P/35/35P

c203 m12.00 €

Ref.: C35-IU-M Europe
Ref.: C35-IU-M-AM America
Chip IU Magenta

KM   C25/25P/35/35P
DEV +25/25P/35/35P

c203 y12.00 €

Ref.: C35-IU-Y Europe
Ref.: C35-IU-y-AM America
Chip IU Yellow

KM   C25/25P/35/35P
DEV +25/25P/35/35P

c203 set43.00 €

Ref.: C35-IU-SET Europe
Ref.: C35-IU-AM-SET America

KM   C25/25P/35/35P
DEV +25/25P/35/35P

c203 set29.00 €

Ref.: C35-T-SET Europe
Ref.: C35-T-Y-AM-SET America
Chip SET Toner CMYK

KM   C35/35P  DEV +35/35P

c203 k8.00 €

Ref.: C35-T-B Europe
Ref.: C35-T-B-AM America
Chip Toner Black

KM   C25/25P  DEV +25/25P


c203 c8.00 €

Ref.: C35-T-C Europe
Ref.: C35-T-C-AM America
Chip Toner Cyan

KM   C35/35P  DEV +35/35P

c203 m8.00 €

Ref.: C35-T-M Europe
Ref.: C35-T-M-AM America
Chip Toner Magenta

KM   C35/35P  DEV +35/35P

c203 y8.00 €

Ref.: C35-T-Y Europe
Ref.: C35-T-Y-AM America
Chip Toner Yellow

KM   C35/35P  DEV +35/35P



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